Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Hello a bird fans and lovers. I am slightly experienced in this blog making business from my old conjoining blog with one of my bird friends (JC Birds+) but this is the only one I've done on my own so I'm excited to see what will happen in future.

There will (almost) every week, be four different posts and can be found in the 4 Feathers page (hence my name). These weekly posts will include Weekly What Bird Wednesday (WWBW), Feathers On Friday (FOF), Bird Of The Week (BOTW) (which will be posted on Monday's), and Tuesday's Tips (TT).

For WWBW, I will provide you with a picture of a hidden or hard to identify bird and you will give your answers in the comments below the post. Feathers of Friday will just have photos of what I've been seeing this past week bird wise. Bird of the Week will be posted with (nearly) all the facts that you could possibly know about the bird. Tuesday's Tips, hence its name, will give you tips on multiple birding topics; hot spots, techniques, feeding, breeding, etc.

If I can (hopefully) get enough followers/viewers I would love to start contests.

P.S. I may not get all four feathers done regularly for the first couple weeks since I need to get the hang of handling a blog on my own.

~ Colin van Delden


  1. That's great!
    Just letting you know, getting that many posts out every week can be kind of hard to keep up.

    Best of luck!